Scholarships available for aspiring teachers

Posted by: Abigail Campbell  | Friday, September 21, 2018

Teachers spend over 900 hours in the classroom each school year inspiring the next generation of Hoosiers to succeed. They mold the minds of our future leaders, and we need the best and brightest in Indiana to teach our students for years to come. For aspiring young Hoosiers who want to follow in the footsteps of their teachers, the Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship is available.

This scholarship provides 200 high-achieving high school and college students pursuing a career in education a renewable scholarship of up to $7,500 each year for four academic years. In exchange, recipients agree to teach for five years at an eligible Indiana school.

Students interested in this scholarship must graduate or plan on graduating from an accredited Indiana high school or non-accredited nonpublic high school. They must also rank in the top 20 percent of their high school graduating class or be in the top 20th percentile ACT or SAT score.

Applicants should be current high school seniors or college students who are residents of Indiana and attend an in-state a college or university.

Apply through Nov. 30 by visiting Applicants need to be nominated by a current K-12 teacher, administrator or campus faculty member.  All applications will be reviewed and finalists will be chosen to participate in regional interviews, with scholarships rewarded by April 5, 2019.

Teachers play important roles in the lives of our children. One of the single most important factors in a student’s success is a teacher. Those inspired by their teachers who want to enter this rewarding career to help develop the leaders of tomorrow should apply for this opportunity.

If you have any further questions about the Next Generation Hoosier Educators Scholarship or would like to learn more about applying, visit As always, if you have any other questions or input, please contact me at 312-232-9769 or


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