Rep. Wesco: Memorial Day - Honoring our Veterans (5/25/2012)

Friday, May 25, 2012 7:00 pm

Start Date:  5/25/2012  Start Time:  12:00 AM
End Date:  5/25/2012  End Time:  11:59 PM

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for us to enjoy our freedom. While we may think of these sacrifices being made far away, long ago, they are actually much closer to home than we often realize. Eight men from Elkhart County have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom since 9/11. While I honor all those who have sacrificed so much for us, I want to honor these eight men specifically.

Marvin Lee Trost III, Wakarusa Dec. 5, 2004

Jeffrey W. Corban, Elkhart Oct. 15. 2005

Aaron Seal, Elkhart Oct. 1, 2006

David Wilkey Jr., Elkhart June 18, 2007

James Snyder, Nappanee May 10, 2008

Travis Hunsberger, Wakarusa June 27, 2008

Justin Shoecraft, Elkhart Aug. 24, 2010

Marvin Calhoun Jr., Elkhart Sept. 21, 2010

 (To learn more about these heroes, read this Sept. 10, 2011 Elkhart Truth Article, "Military Casualties from Elkhart County since 9/11." Click here to find a complete list of all Indiana soldiers who have lost their lives serving our country.

Take time this Memorial Day to honor these men and all of our military and veterans who have willingly fought and risked their lives for our freedom.

The General Assembly recently passed legislation that positively impacts our Veterans as well as active military and will now be part of our state law come July 1:

Aiding Active Military and their Families: Those military personnel who have been in combat and are adjusting back to civilian life will now have a three year window to apply for a grant from the Military Family Relief Fund. The grant can be applied to food, housing, utilities, medical services and transportation expenses.

Accommodating Military Parents: Parents who receive military deployment orders can now delegate a person who has a close relationship with their child to be the caretaker of their child when they are away.

Awarding Educational Credits: State educational institutions are required to award educational credit to members of the military who are enrolled in a state educational institution and successfully complete courses that are part of the individual’s military service.

I hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!