Rep. Olthoff: What I like about Northwest Indiana: diversity

Rep. Olthoff: What I like about Northwest Indiana: diversity

Posted by: Brandi Klingerman  | Monday, January 4, 2016

What I like about Northwest Indiana: diversity

I am so proud to represent the people of House District 19 in the great Northwest Indiana Region. The richness we share in our communities can be seen in our ethnic diversity and the variety of our land. There is no other place like our home.

We celebrate our many cultures here during some of the best festivals and weddings held anywhere. We experience different customs all the time and love to share recipes for pastries, perogies, Lake Perch and many more. Our schools have become melting pots as a result of the people flocking here over the last 100 years for job opportunities. Our area churches teach us to be loving and generous and a neighbor to everyone.

The landscape in Northwest Indiana is just as beautiful and diverse as the people. From the Lake Michigan shoreline to the prairies, savannas and fields, we enjoy water activities, hiking and wildlife. Not only do we use the land recreationally, but it also provides a living. Farmers in the area bring our food, grains, wool, sod and many more goods to the market to be shared. Businesses use our unique location for shipping from the international port, airport, railways and roadways. Logistically, we have much to offer.

Some of the treasures I must brag about within House District 19 include County Line Orchards, Hobart Festival Park, Albanese Candy Factory, Deep River Park and Water Park, Grand Old Lady Lake County Courthouse and Lake County Fairgrounds. We also have many fine restaurants. All of these locations make our community a great place to live.  

Throughout my time as a state representative, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with people from our community. I am struck by everyone’s friendliness and openness. “Northwestonians” are smart, talented, hardworking, caring and resilient.  We are here to raise our families, enjoy life and leave our little corner of the world better for future generations.


 Rep. Olthoff represents portions of Lake and Porter counties.