Rep. Morris: HEA 1034 will help Hoosiers in pain

Thursday, June 6, 2013 7:00 pm

Start Date:  6/6/2013  Start Time:  4:00 PM
End Date:  6/6/2013  End Time:  4:00 PM
Rep. Morris: HEA 1034 will help Hoosiers in pain

STATEHOUSE – Rep. Bob Morris (R-Fort Wayne) joined Governor Mike Pence today as he signed House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1034, which provides the opportunity of quicker relief for individuals who need care from a physical therapist.

“HEA 1034 will save patients time and money by providing Hoosiers quicker access to the treatment they need. Many patients who need physical therapy seek it when their condition flares up, and direct access will allow them to treat their pain sooner,” said Rep. Morris. 
HEA 1034 allows a physical therapist to evaluate and treat a patient without a referral. However, the physical therapist cannot treat a patient without a referral for more than 24 days. The legislation does require that a physical therapist to obtain a referral from the patient's provider if further treatment by the physical therapist is needed. HEA 1034 protects the patient by providing that a physical therapist may not perform spinal manipulation of the spinal column or the vertebral column unless the physical therapist is acting on the order or referral of a physician, an osteopath or a chiropractor. The referring physician, osteopath, or chiropractor must have also examined the patient before issuing the order or referral..

Rep. Morris was the coauthor of HEA 1034 along with Rep. Dave Frizzell (R-Indianapolis), Rep. Matt Ubelhor (R-Bloomfield) and Rep. Tim Brown (R-Crawfordsville) 

“This legislation is for the Hoosiers who live with pain and wish to manage it quicker and in a safe way. It is our job as elected officials to solve problems in our community on behalf of those who need help, and I will continue to make that my focus,” said Rep. Morris 


Rep. Morris (R-Fort Wayne) represents portions of Allen County. Rep. Morris serves as Vice Chairman of the Environmental Affairs Committee along with being a committee member on the Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development Committee, the Employment, Labor and Pensions Committee and the Natural Resources Committee.

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