Rep. Morris: A-10 jet fighters should stay in Ft. Wayne

Friday, February 10, 2012 7:00 pm

Start Date:  2/10/2012    
End Date:  2/10/2012    

As a State Representative, it is an honor and a privilege to represent the many in our district who are members of the Indiana National Guard. Their voluntary service to the state is exemplary and their work invaluable.


With this conviction in mind, I attended a news conference Wednesday, where the General of the Indiana National Guard, General Umbarger, spoke.  I echo his sentiments that we must fight to keep the A-10 jet fighters at the Air National Guard base in Fort Wayne.  Recently, the Department of Defense proposed a plan to eliminate 21 A-10’s at our Fort Wayne base. They intend to replace them instead with nine surveillance aircrafts. 


Financially speaking, though, it makes much more sense to me to keep the combat fighters in Fort Wayne. The planes at the Fort Wayne base can be utilized for 28 cents on the dollar for what it would cost to keep them operational on an active-duty base.


Our 122nd Fighter Wing is an exceptional unit, having won an Outstanding Unit Award from the National Guard five times.  Throughout my tenure as a Representative, I will continue to support our local guardsmen by any means available to me.