Rep. Mayfield’s sons serve as pages

Posted by: Courtney Scott  | Friday, February 28, 2014

State Representative Peggy Mayfield (R-Martinsville) recently welcomed a special group of pages to the Statehouse. Her sons, Austin and Michael, as well as Claes Leijonhufvud, an exchange student from Sweden living with the Mayfields, spent the day serving as House pages.

The Indiana House of Representatives offers an unparalleled opportunity for students between the ages of 13 and 18 to visit the Statehouse and experience a full day of legislative activity. Pages are able to see how the state legislature works firsthand in a behind-the-scenes tour and have the opportunity to work alongside legislators, legislative assistants and interns.

“This was a unique experience for my sons to be able to serve as pages and see the legislative process in action,” said Rep. Mayfield. “At home, we talk about what I do each day at the Statehouse but this was different as they were able to be in the House Chamber for session. It was especially exciting to be able to share this experience with Claes and discuss the differences between the governments in Sweden and the United States.”

On session days, pages experience how a bill becomes a law as they watch legislators on the House floor debate issues. Students also have the chance to tour the Statehouse, see where the Governor works and observe floor sessions of the House, Senate and Supreme Court chambers.

The Indiana House Page Program is an educational way for students to gain a better understanding of the lawmaking process by meeting their State Representative and witnessing how laws are made firsthand. It is an exciting experience that comes highly recommended. Please feel free to call 317-232-9887 with further questions.