Rep. Mayfield: End of Session Recap

Posted by: Courtney Scott  | Monday, April 29, 2013

STATEHOUSE - The 2013 legislative session has concluded. Over the course of session, State Representative Peggy Mayfield (R-Martinsville) authored and sponsored numerous bills, two of which have been signed into law by the governor and the other two are awaiting his signature.

“This session has been a whirlwind. I have been keeping busy by familiarizing myself with the legislative process, keeping in touch with constituents and doing my best to remedy their concerns by authoring and advocating for legislation that positively affects our district. A lot has been accomplished this session, and I look forward to seeing the results take effect in the near future,” said Rep. Mayfield.

One of Rep. Mayfield’s bills to be signed into law was House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1215, which permits a fire protection district to purchase firefighting equipment for the district on an installment financed by local banks, instead of pursuing the expensive process of issuing bonds.

Currently, if a fire district is valued at $60 million, they cannot get financing for more than six years. If they are valued at less than $60 million, they can get 15 year financing. This legislation helps fire districts with an assessed value of over $60 million save tax dollars on projects.  For example, Perry- Clear Creek Fire District will save $350,000 on their project to remodel a building near Lake Monroe.

“This is a constituent issue,” said Rep. Mayfield. “Removing financial obstacles from our first responders will help keep our neighborhoods safe and protected with the most adequate equipment and facilities.”

Rep. Mayfield’s second bill signed into law, HEA 1295, corrects references to Indiana University’s School of Health. The Indiana University School of Public Health was formerly a department of IU’s medical school. HEA 1295 sets in place this correction.

“This bill reflects Indiana University’s growth,” said Rep. Mayfield. “This distinction enables IU to qualify for federal research grants that only a school of public health would be eligible to get which will help keep the IU School of Health competitive.”

House Enrolled Act 1311 permits a county election board to approve the use of an electronic poll list and electronic signature pads. Standards, certification and penalties for the electronic poll list and signature pads are addressed in the bill as well.  HEA 1311 also requires a local unit to redistrict or certify no changes to a district after a federal census. The bill also sends the following issues to a summer study committee:

• The standards for determining residency for purposes of voting, candidacy and holding office in Indiana
• Allegations of voter suppression 
• Allegations of voter fraud
• Methods for improving election administration by reducing lines at polling locations
• Methods for reducing cost of elections
• Methods for allowing a first responder to receive an absentee ballot or application by electronic mail
• The impact of sending false voter history information to said voter
• Issues related to redistricting by local government

“As a former county clerk coming to the Statehouse as a legislator, my goal was to utilize my experience in the elections process,” said Rep. Mayfield. “I understand, first hand, the obstacles that clerks, as well as voters, face with the elections process. My goal in authoring 1311 was to bring attention to some of those problems. I am curious about the outcomes of the summer study committee as well.”

Rep. Mayfield will continue to work at the Statehouse over the summer, in her district and across the state. Rep Mayfield serves on the Elections and Apportionment Committee, Insurance Committee and Judiciary Committee.