Rep. DeVonís adult high school bill passes House

Posted by: Kathryn Frakes  | Thursday, January 30, 2014

STATEHOUSE— House Bill (HB) 1028, authored by State Representative DeVon (R-Granger), passed unanimously out of the House today. HB 1028 aims to help students who dropped out of high school and are going back to charter schools to obtain their high school diploma. 

HB 1028 would remove the cap on funding so that adult high schools can receive more state funds. 
Under current law, a charter school cannot be authorized if it serves students over the age of 18, which prohibits further adult schools from opening. The bill will now be examined in an interim study committee this summer. 

“Adult high schools increase the state’s ability to serve at-risk populations and provide an alternate to the GED program,” said Rep. DeVon. “This bill takes a big step toward helping adults who want to go back to school, and those adults will go on to be successful because of these schools. I am encouraged by the unanimous support this received in the House.”  

On average, a high school graduate earns $8,400 annually more than someone who dropped out. In 2011, the unemployment rate for high school dropouts was 14.1 percent compared to 9.4 percent for citizens with a high school diploma. 

Indiana is ranked 29th in the percentage of adults with a high school diploma. HB 1028 addresses the significant need and demand for programs that lead to a high school diploma and allows for more charter adult high schools to meet this demand.

“My goal is that this bill will help give Hoosiers a second chance to further their education and better their lives,” said Rep. DeVon. 

HB 1028 will now be heard in the Senate. To track this bill’s progress, visit<br< style="" a=""> />