Rep. DeVon responds to State of the State address

Posted by: Kathryn Frakes  | Tuesday, January 14, 2014

STATEHOUSE – “I commend the vision Gov. Pence provided in his second State of the State address tonight. A lot was accomplished in the last year as substantial progress has been made to make Indiana a better state. Now is the time to continue expanding education opportunities for Hoosier students, and I greatly appreciate Gov. Pence’s support of those efforts which will give more Hoosiers a better start to their lives. 

“By ensuring that children are our top priority, we can greatly improve the quality of Hoosier education for low-income families. I share Gov. Pence’s belief that our children are the future of our State, and it is important for parents to have options for their children’s education. An educated workforce will greatly contribute to the economic development of our state. Let us all continue to strive for more jobs, better education and creating an overall better Indiana for our future generation.”