Rep. Arnold: Your opinion matters

Posted by: Kathryn Frakes  | Friday, October 9, 2015

The Indiana General Assembly only passes laws for a few months out of the year since it is a part-time legislature. This allows legislators additional time to connect with constituents during the interim so we are able to accomplish more during the legislative session.

When we are not in session, we are still working to help identify the problems that are present in our communities. It is helpful when members of our community contact us with thoughts and concerns they may have. This information equips me to make informed decisions in the best interest of southern Indiana and the state during session.

Recently, a member of our community reached out to me about an issue regarding her apartment complex, which could have left a number of families without a home due to a potential loss in federal funding. When I heard about this problem, I wanted to resolve it. After connecting her to the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority, we were able to find a solution. If you have an issue or concern, I encourage you to contact me by calling (317) 232-9793 or email me at

I make it a point to stay updated on the issues our community is facing and that is why I value the emails, calls and conversations I have with constituents. Most of the legislation that goes through the Indiana General Assembly is inspired by Hoosiers. For example, this past session I was passionate about funding for Wyandotte Cave. I had talked with many members of our community who expressed they wanted to see the facility reopen to improve Indiana tourism. I find that when I hear about an issue, it is often affecting more than one individual. I make it a priority to find a solution and to help our local economy. I was pleased to see Wyandotte Cave received $1.7 million for facility upgrades in our biennial budget, and I hope this funding will lead to the reopening of the cave.

As your voice in Indianapolis, I want to ensure you stay updated on the work that is being done during the interim. In order to remain transparent, the Indiana General Assembly streams interim study committees live on our website at Essentially, these committees discuss issues that require further in-depth study and discussion before being addressed with legislation.

Additionally, through social media and new technology, the House Republicans are keeping Hoosiers informed. At the Statehouse, we use email newsletters and social media to keep members of our communities informed about activities, committee meetings and legislation. To stay updated, you can visit and follow us on social media. As always, I look forward to working with you, as well as, my colleagues in creating a better Indiana.