Rep. Arnold: Local communities continue to benefit from Hometown Collaboration Initiative

Posted by: Peter Hoffman and Abigail Campbell  | Monday, January 30, 2017

Facilitating the development and growth of small communities across Indiana is important in attracting job creators and a skilled workforce.  Crawford County was recently named as the next community to join Indiana’s Hometown Collaboration Initiative.

This is a program targeted to Indiana communities that are committed to building on their existing assets. It is available to cities, towns and counties in Indiana with a total population of 25,000 or less and creates a long-term partnership with Indiana’s Office of Community and Rural Affairs, Ball State University and Purdue University. Having Crawford County selected for this exciting program is a testament to its elected and community leaders, as well as the families, farmers and businesses of the county.

The objective is to strengthen and organize Crawford County. The program will help recruit more residents to participate in local leadership opportunities, increasing the county’s capacity to accomplish ambitious and long-term goals. Through the program, the county will perform a top-to-bottom audit of its existing economic resources. In doing so, opportunities to retain employers, expand businesses and foster entrepreneurship will present themselves. The county will be able to select one of three key building blocks, including leadership, economy or quality of place, to expand on and implement as a stepping stone to a stronger community.

Orange, Perry, and Spencer counties previously participated in HCI and have experienced the benefits of this unique program. Spencer County worked to expand recreational areas and green spaces. This development has aided in attracting new businesses that have spurred economic growth in the region. Perry County developed a new comprehensive, county-wide website that showcases their local assets, like various businesses and healthcare providers. By consolidating their website to provide information on everything from tourism to business development and resources for residents, a one-stop-shop was created that all can easily navigate and benefit from. Orange County selected the economy building block as their initiative. This building block works to incorporate diverse economic strategies into the community and continue to foster new ideas about promoting growth in the local community.

It’s my hope that that through HCI, Crawford County will join the other communities who have already learned and benefited from this exciting opportunity.

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State Rep. Lloyd Arnold (R-Leavenworth) represents House District 74, which includes portions of Spencer, Dubois, Perry, Crawford and Orange counties.

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