[r91] Rep. Behning puts focus on Indiana students (4/14/2011)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Start Date: 4/14/2011 All Day
End Date: 4/14/2011
House passes Senate Bill 575

STATEHOUSE - Rep. Bob Behning (R- Indianapolis) is sponsoring Senate Bill 575, which grants more flexibility and authority to local school leaders. This bill limits collective bargaining to wages and wage related benefits.

"This bill puts the focus back on the children within the schools and will allow them with more opportunities to succeed," said Rep. Behning.

The bill was heard on a third reading during Thursday's session where it was on its final passage. Amendments were adopted earlier in the week on a bipartisan basis. The bill passed on its third reading and will now return to the Senate for further discussion of the newly added amendments.

The following are provisions of Senate Bill 575:

Temporary Teacher Provision:

  • Extends the use of temporary teacher contracts to hiring for positions funded by grants

Contract Cancellation:

  • Provides that the statutory procedures for refusing to continue or canceling a teacher contract may not be modified by a collective bargaining agreement
  • Allows a teacher who has been suspended, pending the cancellation of a contract

Teacher Contracts:

  •  Limits collective bargaining to: wages and wage related benefits.
  • Clarifies that the amount of pay increases available to employees under the base salary scale can be included in the bargaining agreement; however, evaluation procedures and components of the evaluation system cannot be bargained
  • Requires the local school board to establish a standard policy to meet and discuss with educators regarding school and school corporation policies

Binding Fact-finding:

  • Requires binding fact-finding if either party declares an impasse

Indiana Education Employment Relations Board (IEERB):

  • Terminates existing members of IEERB and requires the Governor to make new appointments
  • Requires the Speaker and Senate Pro Tem to submit recommendations to the Governor for two of three appointments

"This bill supports the best interest of the student opposed to cases were the interest of the adults have prevailed," said Rep. Behning. "This bill is one component of allowing Indiana students the best opportunities to excel within our schools."