[r91] Rep. Behning inspires graduating seniors from Hope Academy (5/31/2011)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Start Date: 5/31/2011 All Day
End Date: 5/31/2011

Rep. Behning inspires graduating seniors from Hope Academy

STATEHOUSE - Rep. Bob Behning (R-Indianapolis) was the keynote speaker at Hope Academy's 2011 Commencement Ceremony for the graduating Class of 2011.  

The ceremony was held Saturday, May 28th at Fairbanks and honored five seniors. This was the school's fifth commencement ceremony. 

Rep. Behning's keynote speech centered on the Dr. Seuss book "Oh! The Places You'll Go," finding its message especially relevant to these students. He also touched on education reform legislation passed this session, citing that reforms passed will allow charters school, such as Hope Academy, to thrive as well as fundamentally enhance and strengthen our education system allowing all students to succeed. 

"The Dr. Seuss book has always been a favorite of mine and I think the book's message is especially pertinent to this group of graduating seniors," said Rep. Behning. "Their futures are limitless and I believe they can achieve great things if they continue to prioritize their education, work hard and dream big."

Hope Academy is a fully accredited, tuition-free, Indiana public charter high school that provides opportunities for academic achievement, sobriety and personal growth for students and their families.

"These students have faced great adversity in their young lives and have wokred hard to turn their lives around . I was honored to speak at the commencement ceremony and recogonize their dedication to furthering their education despite challenging obstacles," said Rep. Behing. "Their courage is inspiring and I wish them the best of luck in all future endeavors."