[r91] Election Law Matters (2/14/2011)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Start Date: 2/14/2011 All Day
End Date: 2/14/2011
Rep. Richardson and Rep. Behning Co-Author House Bill 1242

STATEHOUSE - Rep. Kathy Richardson (R-Noblesville) and Rep. Bob Behning (R-Indianapolis) co-authored House Bill 1242, which affect various election law matters.  The bill received a final reading on the House floor at Monday's session and passed 83 to 13.

"There were several items pertaining to election law that needed to be addressed. The changes called for in this bill will create a more efficient election process," said Rep. Richardson.   "In being involved with the Indiana Election Division, they stated that many of these issues have come to them in past elections."

The following are some provisions of House Bill 1242:

. Specifies the contents of a statewide voter registration system reports

. Stipulates certain procedures in connection with voter list maintenance and updating records in the statewide voter registration system.

. Permits a county voter registration office to return to a candidate for President of the United States, United States Senator, or governor after a petition has been certified. 

. Changes several dates concerning the certification of ballot questions and devices to conform to the date in current law for the certification of candidates.

. Requires that county voter registration records be updated no later than 60 days after election day or after completion of a recount or contest

.  Permits the dissolution of a committee without the waiver of outstanding civil penalties previously imposed on the committee, and specifies that the chairman or treasurer of the committee remains liable for any committee debts.

. Provides that if a proposed precinct boundary splits a census block, the precinct establishment order must include a description of the precinct boundary by providing specific information. 

. Calls for a certificate of nomination in a special election called by the governor to be filed no later than noon 74 days (rather than noon 50 days) before the date of the election.

"This bill encompasses several factors and is needed to streamline and clarify election procedures," said Rep. Behning. "I look forward to seeing this bill move in the Senate."