[r85] Rep. Pond Column (4/13/2009)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Start Date: 4/13/2009 All Day
End Date: 4/13/2009

No matter your political party affiliation, all of us want to see an end to this recession. Many have already made changes to their personal budgets during these hard times. But we cannot end this crisis by spending your hard-earned money. I believe we should do what we can to make sure Hoosiers have their own money to spend as they see fit, not as government sees fit.


The house budget bills that passed over to the Senate without my vote, and, according to my analysis, would spend down the state's reserves and remove taxpayer protection from government raids on taxpayer checkbooks.The budget bill has now passed over to the Senate and is undergoing major changes; I hope the final product will not spend more than the revenue coming into the state treasury.


I also believe that the federal stimulus dollars that Indiana receives should be used for job-creation initiatives such as road and construction projects. It would be a mistake to use these one-time federal dollars to raise salaries and build the budget baseline of state agencies.


 Hoosiers have the talent, energy and ideas to breathe new life into our economy but only if they are not drained by burdensome taxes and overregulation.


I believe in the idea of private growth, not government growth. Government should help our entrepreneurs, employers, employees and taxpayers by freeing them to do what they want to do - succeed. And that won't happen if government bleeds our state reserves and private checkbooks.


Hoosier families already know this: Irresponsible spending will not cure financial crises. Indiana cannot spend its way out of trouble, and I pledge to continue to fight against attacks on the financial well-being of Indiana and its citizens.