[r85] Rep. Phyllis Pond Appointed to Interim & Statutory Study Committees (7/20/2007)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Start Date: 7/20/2007 All Day
End Date: 7/20/2007

(Indianapolis) - State Representative Phyllis Pond (R-New Haven) has been assigned to the State Fair Advisory Committee and the Child Custody and Support Advisory Committee by leadership from the Indiana House of Representatives.

The State Fair Advisory Committee will examine the operation of the fairgrounds and decide on possible legislation that could help the State Fair Commission.

"The Indiana State Fair is one of the richest traditions in the Midwest" said Rep. Pond.  "Hoosiers young and old come to enjoy the food and festivities.  I enjoy working on the committee to ensure that the fair will continue to be a success as it celebrates its 151st birthday." 

The Child Custody and Support Advisory Committee reviews custody and educational expenses and other items related to the welfare of a child of a family that is no longer intact.

"It is important that Indiana continue to protect the most vulnerable amongst us; the children," Rep. Pond stated.  "We will examine legislative ideas that will provide these children with the education and safety that they need."

The Indiana General Assembly is a part-time legislature and meets on a two year cycle, four months one year and three months the following year.  Important statewide issues can be dealt with efficiently year-round through the use of the Interim Study Committees and Statutory Commissions.  These two types of legislative bodies convene regularly through the remainder of the year and study key issues, which could lead to possible legislation in the upcoming session.