[r85] Great Lakes Compact Passes House (2/13/2008)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Start Date: 2/13/2008 All Day
End Date: 2/13/2008

Feb. 12, 2008 - Senate Bill 45, co-sponsored by Rep. Phyllis Pond (R-New Haven) passed though the House of Representatives. The bill requires Indiana to adopt the Great Lakes Compact that several states have already adopted. The bill passed 91-8.

"Indiana took great steps today toward protecting its natural resources," said Rep. Pond. "Hoosiers deserve to be the first to enjoy and utilize our water and this bill ensures that we guard our portion of the Great Lakes from wasteful usage."

The compact is a regional agreement to help monitor, manage and protect water resources from the Great Lakes. The two Canadian provinces that border on the Great Lakes also have joined the pact. The compact instructs each state in the Great Lakes region to regulate water use and adopt conservation plans for protecting the waters of the five Great Lakes.

"The compact will protect the states and the Canadian provinces from having their valuable resources siphoned off to the drier southwestern states. There is a great desire by many of the states in the southwest to divert some of the water from the five Great Lakes to their states. The Great Lakes contain one-fifth of the world's surface fresh water," said Rep. Pond.

Rep. Pond encourages local constituents to contact her with questions or concerns through e-mail at h85@iga.in.gov, or by calling the Statehouse toll-free at 1-800-382-9841.  It is also possible to write her at 200 W. Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204.