[r85] Back in the black (9/14/2012)

Friday, September 14, 2012

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Back in the Black

 Your parents may have taught a lesson about fiscal responsibility. This lesson probably went something like this; “no money, no toy”. This lesson is still being taught across our nation and some states and especially the federal government has yet to learn this lesson.
However, in this era of gross overspending at the state and federal level, Indiana stands out among the rest. The state has recently reported that Indiana will end the 2012 fiscal year with a $ 2 billion surplus.
At a time when state governments are bleeding money at such an alarming rate, Indiana has managed to have money in the fiscal reserves.
As a member of the Indiana House of Representatives, I along with my fellow legislators, have exercised fiscal prudency and have made  difficult decisions necessary to  keep our state in the black without raising taxes.  This is not the case in other states. In 2012 alone, 23 states either cut funding for k-12 education and/or funding for pre-kindergarten. Indiana, though, has increased funding and was able to fully fund full-day kindergarten.
Getting Hoosiers back to work and passing legislation that does so is a big reason why Indiana is in such a strong financial position.
This past year, we also looked to help make families more financially solvent by trying to attract and retain more jobs here in Indiana. We continued to build upon our economic development toolbox by passing Right to Work (RTW). According to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC), Right to work is already working.  In fact, since the passage of RTW 58 companies have communicated to the IEDC that Indiana’s enactment of RTW will factor into their decision making process of where to locate their current projects. Companies are expanding because of the friendly business climate created by legislation such as Right to Work, which does help put Hoosiers back to work.
The more people working generates more income for the state, strengthens the state economy and all Hoosiers benefit as a result.
I am glad to have helped cultivate a friendlier business climate in Indiana which helps bring more companies and jobs for Hoosiers.

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