[r85] Adoption Saves Lives (2/12/2014)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Rep. Cox with Gov. Pence
Start Date: 2/12/2014 Start Time: 12:00 AM
End Date: 2/12/2014
The General Assembly has reached the halfway point of the legislative session. It is at this point that bills passed out of the House will be sent to the Senate for further consideration and vice-versa. We have addressed a wide range of issues so far, everything from education and road funding to economic development and cutting red tape. While votes on each of those issues are important, one of the proudest votes I have cast in my first month in office was for House Bill (HB) 1222, a measure which would promote adoption by providing a state tax credit for individuals that adopt a child. 

As an unapologetic defender of life, it is my prayer that by working to make Indiana an increasingly pro-adoption state, we can provide avenues of hope for children and loving families while at the same time working to provide alternatives to people who think abortion is the only answer. 

Governor Pence has made it his top priority for Indiana to become the most pro-adoption state in the United States. The House’s passage of HB 1222 is the first step in that direction. The legislation would provide an adjusted gross income state tax credit for individuals that also qualify for the federal adoption credit. Extending an additional state tax credit would go even further to help alleviate the financial burden of adoption. Besides the lengthy process, cost is a main deterrent to why many are unable to adopt. Making adoption more affordable has the potential to help reduce part of this financial burden. 

HB 1222 would also establish the Interim Committee on Adoption. That committee would research adoption issues and make recommendations for improving adoption programs in Indiana, perhaps including the fostering of relationships between our state agencies and other private, faith-based and local community organizations.

I whole-heartedly support adoption, because I believe it brings a precious life to a new family. Quite literally, adoption is a life-saver. For me, the vote on HB 1222 to make adoption more affordable was an easy yes. 


Rep. Cox serves a portion of Allen County.

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