[r76] The rising cost/value of an Education: Part 2 of 2 (9/20/2013)

Friday, September 20, 2013

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End Date: 9/20/2013 End Time: 11:59 PM
Last week, I talked about the rising cost of education, and the value and investment students make when they choose to further their academic career. Educated workers are a valuable resource in any workforce and are being sought after more in today’s economy. There are many factors to weigh when it comes to postsecondary education,  but additional training and degree attainment are great avenues for students and graduates to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. 

Here in southern Indiana, more job opportunities are becoming available as employers are hiring and expanding their businesses. Some of our major employers – Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Deaconess Health System and Berry Plastics Corporation – have positions available.  Outside of these companies, there are positions available in other industries like transportation/logistics, manufacturing and health care. 

In our community’s health care field, registered nurses are in high demand and have a high earning potential. There are currently 61,052 registered nurses in the state of Indiana, and more are needed.  As many people know, nurses administer care to ill or injured patients, but they may also advise patients on health maintenance and disease prevention or provide case management. 

Positions such as home health aides and personal home care aides are just some of the career paths that are expected to grow through 2018. One of the most sought after positions in our area is an automotive service technician or mechanic.  There were over 300 job postings for this position from 2011 to 2012. Certifications for these positions are available through Ivy Tech.  

The lifetime benefit of a postsecondary degree is significant. Over a lifetime, a full-time, full-year worker with a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn 84 percent more than someone who has only a high school diploma or GED.  If you invest in your education through an associate’s degree, you will also earn more over a lifetime. These investments will help create a better life for not only you, but your family as well.

Indiana is currently addressing the opportunity gap in which companies are seeking educated employees. It is important to take the next step in one’s academic career even if it has been a few years since graduation. Our region has a lot to offer as there are careers available with high earning potential that are going unfilled. Getting a college education isn’t easy, but it can go a long way towards having a more successful career with more opportunities in the future. 

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