[r76] The Results of Research: Posey County Community Corrections (8/30/2011)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Start Date: 8/30/2011 All Day
End Date: 8/30/2011

The Results of Research
Posey County Community Corrections

In 2008, Posey County Community Corrections was established to decrease rates of recidivism and help offenders become productive members of society.

Posey County Community Corrections is an intensive, results driven, research based program that supervises non-violent offenders who are at a high risk of committing a crime unless rigorous intervention and supervision is administered.  The program is funded through a grant from the Indiana Department of Corrections with no cost to the county.

It is a court mandated program where clients are monitored through work release, electronic monitoring, random drug testing and daily reporting to the facility. This program only employs evidence based practices that are developed using the latest research on how to successfully supervise criminal offenders.

Their dedication to only implementing research based practices has contributed greatly to the program's success, and has made them stand out in comparison to other supervisory agencies.  Every aspect of the program from the assessment to daily interaction is based on hard data. 

Director Scott Smith compared it to, "You wouldn't want your doctor guessing and going on hunches, you want his treatments based on solid research that has proven results. We feel our program should operate under those same standards. "

Criminal offending has a high societal cost if left unaddressed and Community Corrections wants to tackle this issue efficiently using proven methods.  

The most important aspect of the program is the detailed case management that the clients are provided. The case management team divulges into every aspect of the offenders life to identify what area could trigger them to commit another crime, such as anti social behavior, substance abuse, no support network and poor family relations. These problems correlate closely to criminal offending.  Identifying and addressing these triggers and behavior patterns is key to the success of the individual.

After a detailed assessment is completed and analyzed, clients are assisted with finding employment, getting enrolled in treatment programs and gaining access to other community resources.

The agency focuses on changing behavior through positive reinforcement and sanctions. They believe, and the research has shown that behavior will not change merely through supervision, but rather meaningful engagement. 

Their utilization of research based practices has lead to results, and significant ones. They have a 91% success rate of clients that complete the program or are still in compliance with the rules.  Of offenders who have completed the program, 89% have not committed another crime.

We are fortunate to have this research driven model in Posey County. The results of this program are promising and can provide as an exemplary program for the state.