[R76] Rep. McNamara: Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7-11 (5/8/2012)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Start Date: 5/8/2012 All Day
End Date: 5/8/2012
Teacher Appreciation Week, May 7-11

Teachers are those that educate, provide knowledge and support children through the most vital years of life. They take on the incredible charge of preparing students for the road ahead. Teachers are not recognized nearly enough for their daily dedication to youth, but now is a great time to show appreciation. This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and I encourage you to thank that special teacher in your life.

Teachers have an impact on the lives of students that is unrivaled by others. They impart the ability to read, write and do arithmetic, but perhaps even more importantly, leave students with long lasting wisdom to propel them forward in their careers and in family life.

Today, May 8, is designated as National Teacher Appreciation Day, so let’s say thank you. As an educator, the thank you notes I have received over the years have been extremely meaningful. Each time I receive one, it reinforces why I went into education and love the profession. It is incredibly profound and rewarding to know you are making a difference in someone’s life.

Some ideas to say thank you are by having your student write a letter telling their teacher why they are valued. Students could also write their teacher a poem or a story highlighting a favorite memory. Also, check with the schools to see what events are planned. Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) always show support for teachers and many hold luncheons to thank teachers during this week.

The Indiana Statehouse will be celebrating teachers this week, as well. There was a Kick-off Celebration Monday evening to recognize all of our great Hoosier teachers. While at the Statehouse this past session, we were able to reaffirm our commitment to the Pension Stabilization Fund, which teacher pensions are paid out of.

Working at Early College High School, I see the hard work and dedication of teachers firsthand. I want to give a special thank you to the teachers at my school for their commitment to ensuring each student receives a high quality education. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to show gratitude and support for the teachers in the community. They play a vital role in the lives of students and in improving our community. I look forward to recognizing them through Teacher Appreciation Week.