[r76] Rep. McNamara's Legislative Update E-newsletter (3/9/2011)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Start Date: 3/9/2011 All Day
End Date: 3/9/2011
Rep. McNamara works with Posey County Schools to help resolve funding issues 

Rep. Wendy McNamara (R- Mt. Vernon) is working with Superintendents in Posey County to address financial forecast for schools' budgets. Posey County Schools are all facing reductions in their budgets. The estimates for the budget reductions are: 30% cut for New Harmony, 12.5% for Mount Vernon and 4.5% for North Posey. Rep. McNamara has spoken with Rep. Espich, the Chairman of Ways and Means, and others from the Ways and Means Committee to try to restore certain grants to help Posey County schools continue to provide top academic services to students.

These discussions are ongoing and promising if the April revenue forecast is up. In an effort to help schools stretch their dollars,  Rep. McNamara authored House Bill 1417, which reauthorizes, until 2014, the authority of a school corporation to use the school Capital Projects Fund for utilities and insurance. It states that 3.5% of the schools corporation's 2005 distribution is the maximum amount that may be paid from the capital project fund in a calendar year for utilities and insurance expenditures. House Bill 1417 passed the House with a 92-5 vote and now awaits a hearing in the Senate.

Rep. McNamara sponsors Senate Bill 465

Senate Bill 465: Department of child services.

  • Makes changes to the laws concerning:
    Guardianship of a minor; Regulation of child caring institutions, foster family homes, including therapeutic and special needs foster family homes, group homes, and child placing agencies; Adoption
    Incentive payments to counties for enforcing and collecting child support; Juvenile court jurisdiction
    Child abuse and neglect reporting and investigation; The child protection index; Placement of a child in need of services; Notification requirements regarding proceedings on motions for child testimony by closed circuit television; Placement of a child that is a delinquent child.
  • Provides that a county domestic violence fatality review team shall review cases in which a person who committed suicide was a victim of an act of domestic violence.
  • Permits a court to require a noncustodial parent who has been convicted of certain crimes of domestic violence to require the parent to attend a batterer's intervention program certified by the Indiana coalition against domestic violence as a condition of receiving unsupervised visitation time.
  • Requires that a batterer's intervention program to which a court may order a person to attend must be certified by the Indiana coalition against domestic violence.