[R76] Rep. McNamara: A caring community helps their own (4/3/2012)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Start Date: 4/3/2012 All Day
End Date: 4/3/2012
A caring community helps their own

I want to bring to your attention a local Mount Vernon family who fighting a very tough battle. The Yieda family’s four year old little boy Mac is fighting for his life. Everyday Mac must endure ten hours of dialysis because his kidneys no longer function. The doctors are not sure exactly what has happened to his kidneys, but they know he needs a transplant.

Our community has rallied to help this family by offering support and holding fundraisers to help pay medical bills that continue to climb. The fundraisers have been the efforts of the whole community and really show what our community is made of. The next fundraiser is an ATV Poker Run on April 7th at Bill Templeton’s Shop (Hwy 69 S.) and is set to be a very large event. For more details or directions, call (812)455-7496 or (812) 480-1915.

Our community, I know, will continue to come together to support the Yieda family. The residents of Mount Vernon have been incredibly generous these past few months and it is times like these that make me so grateful to live in such a caring place that helps their own.

On a different note, legislation was passed this session to help alleviate some financial burdens that have been created due to exceedingly tough economic times. Many families and business owners have struggled to pay and keep up with property taxes. To help Hoosiers with delinquent property taxes avoid a tax sale, HEA 1090 allows county treasurers to set up a payment plan with a taxpayer.

If a taxpayer complies with the agreement to pay off overdue taxes, the county auditor will remove the property from a tax sale. This piece of legislation helps the government collect the property taxes it needs to offer vital services in the community, while allowing people keep their homes and businesses.

Additionally, the bill gives county councils the option to establish an amnesty period for fees on late property taxes that were due prior to 2012. If a taxpayer catches up on all delinquent property taxes by July 1, 2013, penalties and interest will be forgiven. Further, it stipulates that a county may sell a property in a tax sale once the minimum bid reaches 75 percent of the property’s assessed value. This is a necessary provision because it helps alleviate the burden on counties to maintain properties where overdue taxes exceed the value of the property. This legislation will help Hoosiers hold onto their homes and businesses.