[r76] Preparations for the 2012 Legislative Session commence (6/14/2011)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Start Date: 6/14/2011 All Day
End Date: 6/14/2011

Preparations for the 2012 Legislative Session commence

The legislative session lasts only a few months out of each year, but preparation and work transpires throughout the interim.   The first official meeting for the 2012 General Assembly commenced last Tuesday, when Indiana's Legislative Council met.

The Indiana Legislative Council, the governing body of the General Assembly, is composed of twelve voting members, with six appointed from the Senate by the Chairman of the Council, Senate Pro Tempore David Long, and six appointed members from the House by the Vice-Chairman of the Council, House Speaker Brian Bosma.  

This Tuesday's meeting assigned topics for study during the interim and established new interim committees that are needed to examine specific issues as well as discussed rules for governing committees.

Issues explored in study committees lay the ground work for a significant portion of the legislation presented to the 2012 General Assembly. Committees are intended to be the workhorse of the institution and provide a place for issues to receive the full vetting they require. 

These committees are essential to the legislative process, allowing legislators time to probe an issue and develop solutions enabling the best legislation possible be put forth for Hoosiers.

Many issues are placed in study committee because the General Assembly the previous session decided that the topic needed more examination before a law was passed addressing it.

A few of the topics assigned to this summer's interim committees are:

Proposals to amend the Constitution of the State of Indiana to establish an independent commission to draw legislative and congressional district boundaries, beginning with the 2021 redistricting;

Long range needs of the criminal justice and corrections systems and strategies to solve the problems;

Various crimes against children and the appropriate penalties for those crimes;

Needs of all returning Hoosier veterans; and

Assessment of Indiana's transportation infrastructure.

These topics and many more will be examined in depth throughout the summer. 

Legislators have not received interim committee assignments yet, but when we do, I will be sure to inform you of the committees and the tasks that we are charged with addressing. I look forward to serving on a committee this interim and to hearing from constituents across the state on these issues.

It is immensely important that legislators hear testimony from a wide variety of sources to ensure that all aspects of an issue are comprehensively discussed.  The study committees provide an excellent time for Hoosiers to come and participate in the legislative process by speaking on an issue during a committee that they have either experienced, dealt with or are passionate about.

We craft legislation and study issues to better Indiana and your input is fundamental to the process. I feel honored to represent District 76 and always appreciate hearing your comments or concerns.  I urge you to contact me with your views, so that I can better represent you during study committee hearings and when crafting legislation.

To email me, mailto:h76@in.gov

To phone me: 317-234-3827

To find out more information about the meeting and the interim committees go to our website at: http://www.in.gov/legislative/house_republicans/