[r76] New school year brings new enrichment programs (8/5/2011)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Start Date: 8/5/2011 All Day
End Date: 8/5/2011

New school year brings new enrichment programs

This school year, the students of Posey County have exciting new programs to participate in.  From a new Fine Arts Academy to the implementation of full day kindergarten to a place where kids learn by doing to students continued involvement in Future Farmers of America, the 2011-2012 school year offers different opportunities for learning.   

Posey County is comprised of three school districts with each offering students a variety of enrichment programs.

The Metropolitan School District of Mount Vernon will debut a new Fine Arts Academy this fall at Mt. Vernon High School. The academy will create opportunities for students interested in the musical, theatrical and visual arts field.

The high school's arts program has been a community treasure for many years, but with the creation of the new academy, the arts program will move to center stage. Participation in the arts enriches a student's education and equips them with a unique skill set that can lead to exciting career opportunities. 

Within the academy, the areas of study will include instrumental and vocal music, technical theater, theater performance and visual art.  The creation of this academy will not only provide academic enrichment, but increase student enrollment by being open to any student in the state.

The Metropolitan School Districts of North Posey and Mount Vernon will both be launching a full day kindergarten program to families starting this fall. This early learning initiative will give our youngest students a great start to their academic careers. A preschool program will also be an option this year for children in the MSD of Mount Vernon in addition to the full day kindergarten program.  

School leaders in both school districts were incredibly innovative in finding ways to bring full day kindergarten to their schools.  

One great organization that a large number of students across Posey County participate in is Future Farmers of America (FFA). FFA, while not new, continues to be a community staple each year. 

This organization is an asset to our community, allowing students to learn about agricultural. It is through this program that many students discover their passion for farming and turn that passion into a career with many staying and farming in our community. 

New Harmony Schools provide their students with many enrichment activities by getting students out into the community to learn by doing and seeing. 

Schools in New Harmony thrive because of the close knit, involved community and the low student to teacher ratio. At New Harmony schools, teachers and students build great relationships, where teachers are able to push students to new heights. New Harmony has always been progressive in finding way to deliver a high quality education to students. 

The emphasis that the community places on education shows with New Harmony High School being ranked as a 2010 Best High School by US News and World's Report. The high school was awarded the Bronze Medal for educational excellence, which placed it among the top 10.7% of Indiana schools.

All of the school districts within Posey County offer students a quality education and the chance to participate in a number of academic enrichment programs. With the culmination of all three school districts and their enrichment programs, Posey students are afforded many educational opportunities to choose from.