[r76] Good neighbors make good neighborhoods (9/27/2011)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Start Date: 9/27/2011 All Day
End Date: 9/27/2011

Good neighbors make good neighborhoods

We all know the old adage "good fences, make good neighbors," but I disagree. Good neighbors make good neighborhoods and fences do nothing but perhaps keep the dog in the backyard.  Neighborhood organizations and associations are great for communities. They make them stronger, safer and more beautiful.

These types of organizations help neighborhoods reach common goals, empower residents to decide what happens in their communities and provide effective communication links between local government and other officials.

In Evansville, we have the United Neighborhoods of Evansville (U.N.O.E) and specifically on the Westside, we have the Westside Improvement Association (WIA). These not-for-profit organizations work closely together for the betterment of Evansville neighborhoods.

U.N.O.E does many good works throughout the community from holding workshops to organizing recycling programs and addressing zoning plans. This organization is key to bridging all of the different neighborhood communities together and fostering connectedness.

Their workshops help equip residents with tools that will make them more successful in their life. This week, a disaster preparedness program will be held, and in the past a seminar on managing personal finances was held called 'Bank on Evansville.'

Coming up in October, U.N.O.E will be hosting their annual Sparkplug Recognition Banquet. It will be held on Thursday, October 27 at 6:00 p.m. in the Walnut Rooms at the Aztar Conference Center. This year's theme is "Revisiting the Past and Preparing for the Future." The speaker will be Kathy Kleindorfer, the Arena Project Facilitator. This event shows the culmination of U.N.O.E's works and recognizes the key individuals that make this organization a great success.

The Westside Improvement Association also bridges together different communities, but focuses their efforts on the communities that are located on the outskirts of the city. They address problems ranging from roads and overpasses to providing scholarships for seniors to the eradication of Kudzu. 

Recently, they completed their Adopt-A-Spot project at St. Joe and Maryland. They planted evergreens, maple trees and flowers, making this location sing with beauty. In addition to Adopt-A-Spot they also, with money they fundraised, provided two high school seniors $1,000 scholarships, one from Mater Dei and one from Reitz, and last summer sent five children to Burdette Park Summer Camp.

Their biggest fundraiser of the year is approaching and they always need more members and volunteers. Their fundraiser is held at the Westside Nut Club's Fall Festival where they have a booth.  They provide many great services with the money raised. The organization also works heavily with government officials from the local level up on issues ranging from the sale of pseudoephedrine to roadway development studies and plans.

These organizations and others like them are very beneficial to our communities. They enable a united front to be presented on issues, help ideas become reality and also make a large community feel smaller and connected.   Good neighbors truly make good neighborhoods, so I encourage you to get involved with one of these organizations.

To find out more information on U.N.O.E, visit: http://unoevansville.org/?paged=2

To find out more information on The Westside Improvement Association, visit: http://www.westsideimprovement.org/