[r76] Coffee House Camaraderie (7/19/2011)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Start Date: 7/19/2011 All Day
End Date: 7/19/2011

Coffee House Camaraderie

One of the best parts about our community is the camaraderie of the people who live here and the feeling of connectedness. This is most visible in the morning coffee shops, where many of our community's veterans come together to share their morning cup of joe.

In this era of mass media and the 24-7 news cycle, it is refreshing to see the transfer of news travel the old fashioned way - by word-of-mouth.  Morning coffee house talk spurs free and open conversation. In addition, these talks foster a close community that lends a helping-hand when needed.

Stopping in at any of the various coffee klatches around town such as Busler's, Harold's, Posey Grill, Donut Bank, Arby's or McDonald's, you will the find many members of our community sitting around talking about a variety of topics.  Each location has its own group of regulars who come every day to share their lives. Each group is diverse ranging from retired teachers to farmers and the best part is that everyone is welcome.

Conversational culture stays alive through this morning ritual.  The sharing of ideas in an open forum has brought communities together for centuries and Posey County is no exception. At the foundation of our community is great people working together to better our towns.

My father in-law is one of the community veterans, who begins each morning by driving the seven miles down the road to Busler's.  This has been his routine for years. He started visiting Busler's back when he and his wife, Sondra, lived in their old home, and even though they have since moved further away, he drives the extra miles to meet with his old gang.

The group has been meeting for so long, they even, for the most part, sit in the same seats every day. They talk about everything from family news to politics. In many ways this morning ritual is therapeutic to those who attend each morning. 

These days where everyone is tweeting, posting status updates and texting, it's good to know you can still have a face to face conversation and a good cup of coffee. The morning coffee goers are the essence of our community and are a tribute to the close knit community we have.

Technology will continue to place an important part of how a community gathers news, but I for one hope to always see the morning cup of joe group begin their day by sharing a cup and sitting around talking.