[r75] Rep. Bacon co-authors bill to protect children's health (3/30/2011)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Start Date: 3/30/2011 All Day
End Date: 3/30/2011

Rep. Bacon co-authors bill to protect children's health


STATEHOUSE- State Rep. Ron Bacon (R-Chandler) co-authored House Bill 1405 dealing with tobacco products being purchased by individuals under the age of 18. HB 1405 passed out of the House and Senate and is now heading to the governor's desk to be signed into law.

HB 1405 is an update to current law which states that persons under 18 cannot purchase tobacco products. Under Indiana code, it will make dissolvable tobacco products considered as any other tobacco product- such as cigarettes- and therefore illegal to sale the product to anyone under 18, as well as make it illegal for anyone 18 and under to possess the product.

"Before now, these dissolvable tobacco products, which look similar to breath mints or candy, were not regulated and could be purchased by anyone, including children, who would bring them to school and share with friends," said Rep. Bacon.

 "By establishing these products as actual tobacco products, HB 1405 puts these products behind the counters at convenience stores and out of the reach of our children. Children's health is always a priority and I'm happy to have worked on this bill and see it head to the governor's desk."