[R74] Scholarships for brave men and women (7/29/2013)

Monday, July 29, 2013

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Scholarships for brave men and women

I wrote a few weeks ago about ways that we can get involved in making our community an even better place to live. Seems like I was not the only one who believes that civic engagement is worth talking about, the Indiana Homeland Security Foundation is offering college scholarships for public safety volunteers. There are nine “Secure Indiana” scholarships that Indiana college students can apply for. 

Recent events reminded us just how dangerous it can be to protect communities in the path of possible devastation. Nineteen brave men in Arizona lost their lives during an attempt to stand between their community and a raging fire threatening to engulf it. I have no doubt that those firefighters knew from an early age that they wanted to be in a role that protected the public, just as I know any police officer, paramedic and first responder of all kinds has the same passion to protect.

When young men and women choose to get involved in a public safety volunteer role they deserve to be rewarded for their selflessness in a way that will allow them to continue to grow. These scholarships are meant to give more brave Hoosiers the ability to pursue higher education and continue to impact our state in a positive way. 

There are two different scholarships available for students, full-time and part-time. A full-time student with at least twelve credit hours is eligible for a $2,000 scholarship. A part-time student with at least six hours is eligible for a $1,000 scholarship. The intention of the programs fund is to pay for eligible student’s educational expenses and the revenue for it comes from the “Secure Indiana” license plates. Qualified candidates include high school and college students who have a desire to pursue higher education and who volunteer for a local public safety organization such as a fire department, law enforcement agency, emergency management agency or emergency medical services. 

Who can apply?
An Indiana resident who is an incoming or continuing student who:
1. Attends or will be attending an accredited Indiana college.
2. Has a grade point average of 2.8 or higher on a 4.0 scale.
3. Volunteers at a public safety organization such as a fire department, law enforcement agency, emergency management agency or emergency medical services IDHS will determine compliance eligibility. 

Application will require the following:
1. To apply, the applicant must include a completed Foundation Scholarship Application Form and an official college or high school transcript (for incoming freshmen).
2. A recommendation letter from the public safety organization’s chief executive describing the volunteer work completed by the applicant.
3. A resume or list of past employment, awards, honors, and/or volunteer/service activities.
4. A minimum 500-word essay describing why the applicant is applying for this scholarship and why the applicant wishes to pursue a career in public safety.
5. A completed Vendor Information Form (State Form 53788) www.in.gov/auditor/files/SF53788_Vendor_Information.pdf.

How to apply?
If you are interested in submitting an application, please contact the council coordinator, Mary Fields, at mafields@dhs.in.gov and you will be given all of the materials you need. The application closes on November 26th, 2013. Awards will be announced in mid-April 2014. Questions should be directed to mafields@dhs.in.gov.

Individuals who put other’s safety ahead of their own do not ask for a reward, but they do deserve one. I hope this scholarship program is a blessing to those who can use the money to assist them in their education. The heroes in our community warrant our gratitude so please remember that a hand shake and a thank you goes a long way in showing their courage is recognized. 


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