[R74] Rep. Ellspermann authors bill to protect Hoosier workers (1/27/2012)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Start Date: 1/27/2012
End Date: 1/27/2012

STATEHOUSE – To help protect the privacy rights of Hoosier workers, State Rep. Sue Ellspermann (R-Ferdinand) authored a bill that passed the House by a vote of 65-26.

House Bill (HB) 1173 would mandate that the identity of employees that file a complaint concerning workplace safety or health standards must be kept confidential and undisclosed to public records. The bill also states that neither the commissioner of the Department of Labor nor any former employee of the Department of Labor may be subpoenaed for inquiries concerning any occupational safety or health inspection, except for during the enforcement proceedings brought under by the Indiana Occupational Safety and Health Act.

“Employees always have the right to know that their work environment is both safe and healthy,” said Rep. Ellspermann. “I want to ensure that all Hoosier workers’ privacy is protected.”


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