[R74] Packing up the car for college (7/8/2013)

Monday, July 8, 2013

Start Date: 7/8/2013 Start Time: 12:00 AM
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Packing up the car for college

Summertime is unique for everyone. For some of you it is a time to get work done around the yard, for others it is a road trip to your favorite summer spot and for a growing number of you it is your last few months at home before leaving for college. It blows my mind that sooner than I like my boys will be in that stage of their lives, and I will be helping pack up the car to move them into their dorm room. 

It will be a proud but sad day when I wave goodbye to them, but I look forward to it because I want them to have the greatest future possible. One of my top priorities as a member of Indiana’s General Assembly is to look for ways to give more Hoosier children higher education opportunities. 
Recently, I was appointed to the Commission on Education. I learned a tremendous amount during my first session on the House’s Education Committee, and I look forward to continuing my own education on these crucial issues this summer. As a member of the Education Committee and Commission on Education I am regularly presented with data showing the benefits of a college degree, and I am determined to set Indiana apart as a national leader in higher education.

Indianapolis was recognized as the best city for college graduates in the nation. What distinguished our capital city from the competition was the impressively low unemployment rate of 1.9 percent for people with bachelor's degrees. 
Business, university, philanthropic and government leaders worked together to make Indianapolis a world class city and provide the amenities to attract top talent. I have always said that Hoosiers have a work ethic without equal, and this ranking is one indication of the strength of our future. 

In the General Assembly we are looking to take what has been done in Indianapolis and apply it to cities all around the state. Through recent legislative achievements, such as the creation of the Indiana Career Council, Hoosier students will have more opportunities to build a life for themselves in Indiana. 

Recent data has shown that the number of Hoosiers attaining college degrees is increasing, and that is especially true with young adults in Indiana. This is great news because by 2018 it is expected that 506,000 of the projected 930,000 job openings in Indiana will require postsecondary credentials, and 55 percent of all Hoosier jobs will require postsecondary education. 

Whether you are recent high school grad looking for your first step, or pursuing your next passion in life after years in one job, I encourage you to look into all of your options. Indiana’s success is due to hardworking and intelligent Hoosiers who strive to make this state the best in the nation, and I will continue to work to bring more opportunities for growth and educational innovation. 

If you are looking for the next step in your career, please visit IndianaCareerConnect.com to see what opportunities are waiting are currently available. Another great resource for those of you considering pursing higher education or going back to school is LearnMoreIndiana.com.


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