[r74] Ellspermann Edition: Who is in control? (6/3/2011)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Start Date: 6/3/2011 All Day
End Date: 6/3/2011

Indiana became the first state in the nation to block state funding to abortion providers in House Enrolled Act 1210, of which I am proud to be a co-author.  This legislation, which also limits termination of a pregnancy to 20 weeks, ensures informed consent, and holds physicians to higher accountability, was passed with significant bipartisan support in the House and Senate.  Governor Daniels signed it into law last month. 

We looked at the availability of clinics across the state before passing this legislation.  Hoosier women will continue to have access to family planning clinics in virtually every county where a Planned Parenthood facility is located.  Further, Planned Parenthood has the option to not provide abortions and/or create a separate legal entity that operates independently, at which time they could qualify for state funding. 

Recently, our federal government, through a letter from the Department of Health and Human Services, has determined that HEA 1210 violates Medicaid rules, regardless of the fact that Hoosiers are strongly pro-life and a majority of our citizens support this legislation. 

Is our federal government overreaching? Should its infinite wisdom trump the desires and needs of Hoosiers?  The Tenth Amendment to our Constitution states "Each state retains its sovereignty, freedom, and independence, and every power, jurisdiction, and right, which is not by this Confederation expressly delegated to the United States, in Congress assembled."

It is my hope that Indiana will continue to support HEA 1210 through our court system and other appropriate avenues to ensure that HEA 1210 is fully enacted into law for the good of all Hoosiers. 

Best wishes in your summer endeavors.  Happy and safe travels to you and your family.