[r74] Ellspermann Edition: Lowering your home energy costs with Energizing Indiana (8/13/2012)

Monday, August 13, 2012

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This has been one of the hottest summers on record in Indiana, and if your home is anything like most, you have had the air conditioning running most days to combat the heat and humidity. This has led to some high energy bills, but there is a new program available to Hoosiers to help you find the energy inefficiencies in your home and to lower utility costs.

Earlier this year, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) launched a new program - Energizing Indiana. The ultimate goal of the statewide program is to reduce electric usage by approximately 12 percent by 2019. In order to reach this goal, they are offering free services to Hoosier families and businesses, including individual home energy assessments.

Energizing Indiana and similar state programs, when combined with local utility programs and changes that have been made in regulations for reducing utility costs, help to conserve energy across the board. However, these programs alone will not get us to the reduction goal; we must actively participate and alter our individual energy behaviors.

Energizing Indiana has made this task very simple for Hoosiers. After scheduling an appointment, your local Energizing Indiana partner will send an energy advisor to your home who can recommend steps you might take to conserve energy and save money on your monthly utility bills. This may include weatherization techniques, switching to energy efficient light bulbs, installing low-flow shower heads, or insulating water pipes. Measures such as these can help to raise your home’s energy efficiency, lower energy bills, and improve in-home air quality.

The home energy assessment typically takes about one hour, and once complete, the energy advisor will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing what can be done to start saving energy, and make your home more comfortable. The advisor may also be able to install several cost saving measures in addition to his other recommendations. All the recommendations are aimed at being no-cost or low-cost and the entire consultation is free of charge.

I encourage all Hoosier families who would like to save on their utility costs to take advantage of this program. If you are interested in possibly scheduling an appointment, you can learn more on their website at www.energizingindiana.com for qualification details. If you qualify, then you may call 888-446-7750 to schedule an appointment. Never before has our state had so many resources to help lower energy costs, and I hope many families and businesses participate in the Energizing Indiana program.


Rep. Sue Ellspermann (R-Ferdinand)

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