[r74] Arnold Account: Session is officially around the corner (11/14/2013)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Start Date: 11/14/2013 Start Time: 12:00 AM
Session is officially around the corner

It is hard to believe that session is approaching so quickly, and in just a week, we will be settled in with our families and friends giving thanks for all the joys in our life over a turkey dinner. Organization Day is finally upon us. Organization Day is the first official day of the 2014 legislative session. 

Historically, Organization Day is a ceremonial day which gives each caucus and legislators the opportunity to organize before starting session in January. Swearing in of new members that are filling vacant seats can also occur on this day. Traditionally, the Speaker of the House gives a speech about what he is looking forward to focusing on in the upcoming session. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, each year the Indiana House of Representatives chooses a charity, and collectively, representatives and staffers make a donation in the form of various canned goods and toiletries. This year, we are donating to the Special Olympics of Indiana. 

Special Olympics of Indiana is a non-profit organization that reaches more than 11,000 intellectually disabled athletes throughout Indiana by providing year-round sports training and athletic competitions. Worldwide, Special Olympics reaches nearly 4 million athletes. 

As a coach myself, I agree with the mantra that sports helps to form bonds between people both on and off the field. I know members of the Special Olympics do too. I am very much looking forward to meeting and talking sports with the Special Olympic athletes and the staff that will be at the Statehouse for Organization Day. 

Organization Day is also the first day that legislators are able to file bills for the upcoming session. The last day is in the beginning of February. I look forward to authoring bills this legislative session that will positively impact our community and state.  In an effort to expand locally grown ideas, if there is something you want addressed at the state level, please feel free to contact me at my office. Civic engagement is an essential aspect of our representative democracy and the driving force behind our government’s success. 

The next few months here at the Statehouse will be a whirlwind of committee hearings, drafting legislation and meeting with constituents. I look forward to keeping you posted on these happenings.