[r73] Cracking down on pain clinics; Senate Enrolled Act 246 (6/7/2013)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Start Date: 6/7/2013 All Day
STATEHOUSE – Governor Mike Pence recently signed Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 246 into law. The law was sponsored by State Representative Steve Davisson (R-Salem) in the House, which defines an “owner”, when referring to someone who employs or contracts individuals to dispense controlled substances, to maintain a controlled substance registration. 

This law allows the Attorney General (AG) to petition the court to attain an order against an owner who violates the controlled substance registration. Control laws will begin January 1, 2014.

“I worked to craft the bill in a way that will not hurt those who really need pain medication, but still address the issue of overprescribing,” said Rep. Davisson. “The epidemic of misusing controlled substances is affecting Hoosiers across the state, and this bill will crack down on those who use prescription drugs for profit or in unethical ways.”

The Medical Licensing Board (MLB) will be required to adopt emergency rules and permanent rules regarding standards and procedures for the AG to follow when accessing physicians’ records and inventory as well as standards and protocol for those who prescribe the controlled substances. 

As required by the new law, the Health Finance Commission will study issues concerning pharmacy programs that are designed to dispose of old and expired prescription drugs and the use of methadone and opioids in treatment programs and clinics. The Commission on Mental Health and Addiction will study issues concerning treatment and recovery from prescription drug use addiction. 

“Last year, Kentucky passed a similar bill, and as a result, southern Indiana has felt the repercussions of pain clinics moving from Kentucky into Indiana,” said Rep. Davisson. “The intention of this new law is to crack down on pain clinics that don’t serve the best interests of Hoosiers, while avoiding burdensome regulations on responsible clinics that properly use their controlled substance registration.” 

For more information on this bill, and other bills, please visit www.in.gov/legislative.