[r72] Floyd County schools display strong performance (3/1/2012)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Start Date: 3/1/2012
End Date: 3/1/2012

Floyd County

Floyd County schools display strong performance

STATEHOUSE – Rep. Ed Clere (R-New Albany) congratulates two Floyd County elementary schools being honored by the Indiana Department of Education today. 

S. Ellen Jones Elementary School and Georgetown Elementary School were recognized for being among the 10 schools with the largest percentage of students with high growth in mathematics in the state. 

Over the course of a year, students’ performance in grades 4-8 is measured using the Indiana Growth Model, which measures individual student progress based on where each student began. Peers with similar scores on the mathematics or English/language arts portions of the ISTEP+ examination are grouped together, and growth is measured by comparing students’ advancement on the ISTEP+ relative to other students in their peer group. 

“The Indiana Growth Model is a valuable new tool for measuring student success,” said Rep Clere. “The model goes beyond test scores by taking into account the relative improvement of every individual student.”

The students of Georgetown Elementary School exhibited 71.13 percent growth in mathematics.

At S. Ellen Jones Elementary, where more than half of the students receive free or reduced-price lunch, students achieved 72.5 percent growth in mathematics.

The two schools are part of New Albany-Floyd County Consolidated School Corp. and ranked fifth and seventh, respectively, for highest growth rates in mathematics in the state. 

“Credit for this achievement belongs to the teachers and other school employees,” said Rep. Clere. “Not only is this an opportunity to celebrate an accomplishment, but it is also a chance to pause and acknowledge that every success in education involves teachers and other school employees who make it possible.”

The new measure is part of Indiana’s new A through F school accountability metrics. The new metrics were a key component that allowed Indiana to receive a waiver from the federal No Child Left Behind Act.