[r65] Arts Commission to adopt modified restructuring plan to sustain grants, programs and services (4/16/2010)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Start Date: 4/16/2010 All Day
End Date: 4/16/2010
 (Indianapolis, Indiana) - After extensive review of public input and recommendations from its regional re-granting organizations, the Indiana Arts Commission (IAC) today approved a modified version of a restructuring plan unveiled last month.

"The Commission's desire to gather additional public input as well as review possible options from our regional representatives is reflected in the adoption of this revised plan," said Lewis C. Ricci, executive director of the Indiana Arts Commission. "As with our original restructuring proposal, this plan will still involve regional delivery of the vast majority of our grants and services to community-based cultural providers."

One change from the original restructuring plan would be returning one specific grant program to regional delivery that had been proposed for centralization.

"Based on public input, as well as concerns expressed by regional partner organizations, Arts Organization Support II grants would return to the regional granting agent," Ricci said. "The IAC will still provide a centralized grant application process and have final approval on these grants, but at the same time preserves the regional review and grant award process in which the regional organizations have developed expertise."

In the original restructuring plan all technical assistance services would have been centralized. In the modified plan the IAC will still deliver some centralized technical assistance, but will also work with each regional partner to deliver specific, strategic local services based on cultural needs assessments and planning conducted by the IAC. The regional re-granting agents would receive a specific amount of money designated as "strategic initiative funds" to deliver these services.

"In the current economic climate we can no longer provide a lump sum to each regional agent for development and delivery of general, technical assistance services," Ricci said. "Under this plan, the IAC will develop the overarching goals and objectives with the regional agents submitting proposals for specific strategic programs to meet those goals and objectives."

The initial restructuring plan was developed over several months to address the IAC's reductions in state budget appropriation and endeavor to minimize financial impact on the agency's grant recipients. By restructuring some grant program levels and centralizing grant delivery of one program, the goal of the IAC's original plan and revised plan is to restore many grants to pre-budget reduction levels.

"Having worked with Director Ricci and the IAC staff on many initiatives, I am very impressed by the dedication and effort made to maximize the efficiency of their operations with the funding available to them and still minimize impact to their constituents and the people they serve," said State Representative Eric Koch (R-Bedford). "These are very challenging times for all segments of government, and I applaud the Commission for its vision, creativity and flexibility in meeting these challenges."  

For more information about the proposed restructuring including a list of frequently asked questions, visit the IAC website at www.IN.gov/arts

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