[r63] Messmer Report: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Posted by: Zach Weismiller  | Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer is almost here and with summer comes college students arriving home from school with lots of dirty laundry and lots of free time-that is, if they don't yet have a summer job.

My two oldest children, Eric and Laura, are taking some summer school classes this summer. Laura is studying down at USI and Eric is down at Middle Tennessee.

While Eric is taking summer school classes, he will be working with a local high school marching band.

You, too, may have an unemployed college graduate living at your house right now.  Let me fill you in on a few opportunities throughout Indiana where you can   travel around to meet potential employers.

  • The Indianapolis Star will host a Diversity and Education Career Fair on June 23.
  • There will be a Professional/Diversity Career Fair at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Indianapolis on August 23.
  • There will also be an IT Career Fair at IU Bloomington on September 21.

For links to more information on any of these fairs, please visit my website: www.in.gov/h63.

Our state is also looking for job opportunities. Did you know that state officials will be in Dallas next week to recruit new, high-tech companies to Indiana?

Representatives from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and the Indiana Office of Energy Development will join executives, local officials and educators in an effort to showcase the state's strengths in wind energy development and components manufacturing.

The trip is part of the state's business recruiting efforts at the world's largest wind conference and exhibition trade show, WINDPOWER 2010, a show that is expected to host more than 1,300 exhibitors and 23,000 national and international wind energy leaders.

Indiana has not only a windy landscape, but "a [business] landscape that spells success for manufacturers as well as developers", as one state official put it. This makes it the perfect destination for those wind energy leaders and jobs.

You may have heard that GM is opening new plants and hopes to create 1,600 jobs all over the state, including some in Bedford. Arcadia HealthCare just announced this week that they plan to create up to 930 jobs in Indianapolis by 2013.

Some of my staff at the Statehouse actually keep a map of Indiana marked with pins where new jobs announcements are being made.

As we have watched more and more pins pop up across the map in recent weeks, we can tell that Indiana companies are looking up- and that companies in other states, and across the world, are looking to Indiana to relocate their business.

So stock up on resume paper-and good luck with all that laundry.