[r63] Messmer Report: Focusing on getting Hoosiers back to work this session

Posted by: Zach Weismiller  | Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This week the General Assembly returned to the Statehouse for Organization Day. Traditionally, the Speaker of the House delivers a speech that sets the tone for the upcoming legislative session. Members of the General Assembly also continue work on legislation to be presented when session begins and we meet with Hoosiers from across the state.

This year, Speaker Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) addressed in his speech the continuing need for job creation as Indiana’s unemployment rate sticks around 9 percent. My focus this year will be to help strengthen our state’s economy and give a boost to the small businesses that create more than 75 percent of all jobs so Hoosiers can get back to work.

This next legislative session will be a short session. According to state statutes it must end by March 14. This is because Indiana’s General Assembly is a part-time legislature that meets on a two-year cycle. Our General Assembly meets for three months in even-numbered years and for four months in odd-numbered years.

The state recently started a transparency initiative online that allows the public to watch session and committee meetings live online. If you’d like to watch, please visit www.in.gov/legislative and click on “Watch the General Assembly Session” on the right side of the screen. This link will allow you to watch both the House and Senate during the legislative session.

The first day of session will be on January 4 and I’m looking forward to it being both productive and challenging. Please feel free to contact me throughout the year if you have questions or comments. My office at the Statehouse is there to allow me to help you with government and community issues. You can reach my office by phone at 1-800-382-9841, by email atH63@in.gov or by mail at 200 W. Washington St., Indianapolis, Ind. 46204.