[r63] Messmer Report: ‘Building the best sandbox’ for the benefit of all Hoosiers

Posted by: Zach Weismiller  | Friday, June 22, 2012

Very recently there has been a lot of good news for Indiana on the job front. Since the beginning of the year the state has added 38,700 total private sector jobs led by 12,000 in manufacturing. For 2012, Indiana private sector gains have doubled that of the nation.

As a portion of the larger picture, it was just announced that our state has been ranked number one in biosciences according to a report from Battelle and the Biotechnology Industry Organization. In fact, Indiana saw job growth of 14 percent since 2001 in the biosciences sector compared to a national average of only 6.4 percent.

Indiana currently has about 60,000 bioscience jobs.  These jobs are held by a very diverse bioscience market within Indiana. No other state is home to such a large concentration of companies or employs as many individuals in bioscience sectors including drug development, medical device manufacturing, agricultural chemicals, medical labs and bioscience-related distribution.

Hoosier companies included in this industry are the drug maker Eli Lilly and Co., medical device maker Cook Group in Bloomington and several orthopedic firms based in Warsaw, Ind. There are also several newer companies that deal in bioscience logistics that monitor and ship products, such as Express Scripts/Medco in Indianapolis.

This industry has experienced, and continues to experience, tremendous growth. While unemployment numbers were slipping across the country, bioscience companies were able to continue to bring on new hires and grow as other companies were faltering in the economy.  And Indiana companies were a significant portion of that growth. I applaud them for their efforts and foresight and I hope that many more Hoosiers will continue to find employment at these excellent organizations.

We have done a lot in the General Assembly to help these companies grow over the past decade. This is all part of our plans to ‘build the best sandbox’ in order to attract and retain jobs for Hoosiers. Legislation such as Major Moves, property-tax relief, VCI tax credit, Buy Indiana and telecommunications reform have all been part of a larger plan to make Indiana the best to live and work in our nation. I look forward to continue to playing my part in achieving this goal and to the positive effects it will have for all Hoosiers.