[r63] As the year closes, jobs continue to increase

Posted by: Zach Weismiller  | Friday, December 14, 2012

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation continues to outdo itself securing more jobs for Indiana. As I stated last week, new statistics released by the IEDC touted how successful our great state has been in growing and retaining jobs. As of late November, deals had been secured with 220 companies planning on expanding or establishing new business operations in Indiana. The great news has continued to come in.

On Tuesday, Governor Daniels, together with nine executives from companies around the state, announced  new investments in Indiana that are expected to result in the creation of 2,552 jobs over the next few years. Following up on my report on jobs last week, this could not be better timing.

Governor Daniels’ announcement this week brought news of more jobs being created and a record-setting benchmark for the state with 251 jobs announcements being made so far this year. From these announcements, more than $6 billion is anticipated to be invested in Indiana operations. Given Hoosiers’ resolve throughout the recession and the pro-business policies put forth by the General Assembly, it is no surprise that Indiana has added private sector jobs at nearly twice the national average for the past three years. 

It has been a tumultuous few years in overcoming the national economic malaise, but I am thankful for all of the work that the IEDC has done to continue to move our state forward. The IEDC oversees programs enacted by the General Assembly including tax credits, workforce training grants and public infrastructure assistance. 

Governor Daniels has not only left a legacy in southern Indiana with the I-69 project as a part of the Major Moves initiative, he has also created a lasting impact of fiscal recovery with his creation of the IEDC in 2005. While he has often said that he is not too focused with what his legacy will be when he leaves office, I am proud to have served in District 63 under a governor that has done so much for our state. 

A little closer to home, Jasper Engine Exchange, Inc. announced yesterday that it will be creating up to 40 new jobs. This latest expansion in southern Indiana is the company’s second in two years and the job additions will accommodate their growing alternative fuels division. So, not only are we growing businesses and job opportunities here in southern Indiana, we are also becoming more environmentally-conscious.

As we press on toward the New Year, let’s continue down the path of prosperity and create an even higher standard of living for Hoosiers in this generation and the next.