[r59] Study Committee Approves Water Nuisance Initiative (10/23/2009)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Start Date: 10/23/2009 All Day
End Date: 10/23/2009

STATEHOUSE - Recommendations by the Water Resources Study Committee should help resolve issues involving many drainage and other water nuisance problems, Rep. Milo Smith (R-Columbus) said today. The recommendations will be presented to the 2010 General Assembly, which begins its work in January.

 During the 2009 session, Rep. Smith authored House Enrolled Act 1278, which urged a study committee to review water nuisances.

"The heart of the problem comes from landscaping and/or structures in one yard causing runoffs and flooding in another yard," Rep. Smith said. "Currently, there is no central government official or agency to help constituents resolve their water nuisance issues."

After three days of hearing testimony regarding water rights and drainage the committee met for the final time Tuesday.making the following recommendations:

     ·         Designating a local authority, such as the county surveyor, to referee if requested in diffused surface water conflicts before the cases are taken to court.

     ·         Authorizing a local authority to make decisions in diffused surface water conflicts.

     ·         Provide enforcement powers to a local authority for diffused surface water conflicts

 "The recommendation by the committee is a giant step closer to solving the issues related to water nuisances," Rep. Smith said. "I look forward to working on this legislation during the 2010 General Assembly."