[r52] Gun Owner Privacy Bill Sent to Senate (1/26/2010)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Start Date: 1/26/2010 All Day
End Date: 1/26/2010

Rep. Yarde Contributes to Final House Version of Law


STATEHOUSE-House Bill 1068, which will protect personal statistics about gun owners, passed the Indiana House today with an amendment from Rep. Dave Yarde (R-Garrett).

The bill was introduced in response to recent actions by various newspapers across the state which released a database of addresses of licensed gun owners in the state of Indiana.   The bill would make indentifying information relating to licensed gun owners confidential and not open to public inspection. 

"I was pleased to support this bill for a variety of reasons," said Rep. Yarde. "First, if licensed gun owners have been approved through all of the required background checks, I think they deserve to have their personal information kept private. 

"Second, I think making this information public could create unforeseen public safety issues.  For example, criminals would have been able to look up the addresses of residences in which a gun was located and possibly steal that handgun to sell illegally.   Making this information public also could increase the chances of criminals being able to purposefully target homes where individuals didn't have a firearm."

Rep. Yarde also successfully amended the bill to include language giving gun owners more flexibility when renewing a carry permit. Currently, a gun owner may only renew their license starting 180 days (six months) before the permit expires. The amendment changes this window of opportunity to one year.

"Hopefully this will give gun owners more flexibility when renewing a gun permit," said Rep. Yarde.

The House of Representatives passed HB 1068, with Rep. Yarde's amendment, by a vote of 85-11 this afternoon. It now moves to the Senate for consideration.