[r46] Rep. Heaton: Right to Work protects the freedom of Hoosiers (1/27/2012)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Start Date: 1/27/2012
End Date: 1/27/2012
STATEHOUSE- Employee’s Right to Work, House Bill 1001, was passed out of the House Wednesday. Rep. Jerry Torr (R-Carmel) authored the bill and Rep. Bob Heaton (R-Terre Haute) served as one of the co-authors.

The bill was voted on Wednesday after nearly three hours 0f open debate on the House floor from both Republicans and Democrats. HB 1001, Employee’s Right to Work would give workers the freedom to choose whether or not to financially support a union.

“The fundamental principle of freedom is something every American has the right to, and this bill is pro-freedom, pro-worker and pro-jobs,” said Rep. Heaton. “Right to Work is about bringing jobs to Indiana, and with over 300,000 Hoosiers currently unemployed, the timing is now and that is why I voted to pass this legislation.”

The bill received two amendments on Monday before it passed out of second reading. The first amendment clarifies application to the building and construction industry. The second amendment addresses violations of the Right to Work law, providing investigation of a complaint made by an employee who alleges a violation of the law.

“The bill is not anti-union and does not prevent workers from joining a union,” said Rep. Heaton. “It simply provides Hoosiers the freedom to decide to financially support a union. This legislation will continue to strengthen Indiana, attract employers to Indiana and ultimately continue to protect the freedoms of Hoosiers.”

Members of the House Republicans attempted to address Right to Work last session. However, the Democrats denied the House a quorum by fleeing to Illinois for five weeks.  The issue was tabled and further studied in the Interim Study Committee on Employment. In total, last year, over 35 hours of public testimony, discussion and debate occurred on this bill.  


Rep. Bob Heaton represents District 46 which includes parts of Owen, Clay, Monroe and Vigo Counties. Rep. Heaton serves as Vice Chair of the Financial Institutions Committee. He is also a member of the Government and Regulatory Reform, Insurance and Natural Resources Committees.

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