[r45] Rep. Borders shows up to work for constituents (9/14/2012)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Start Date: 9/14/2012 Start Time: 12:00 AM
End Date: 9/14/2012 End Time: 11:59 PM

Rep. Borders shows up to work for constituents

STATEHOUSE— State Representative Bruce Borders (R-Jasonville) completed the 2012 session with a 100 percent voting attendance record. Out of 365 votes recorded this past legislative session, Rep. Borders was present and voted for each one.

“I was elected to represent all of the constituents of District 45, and they’ve entrusted me with an important job—being their voice at the Statehouse,” said Rep. Borders. “I’m proud of my voting record over the years, but at the same time I believe it’s something that should be expected of me.”

Rep. Borders was elected to serve as a member of the Indiana House of Representatives in 2004. Since that time, he has had a near perfect voting record every year. His voting percentage has been over 99% for each session, proving his dedication to being present for each and every vote.

The following is a year by year break down of Rep. Borders’ voting percentages:

2005 – 100%
2006 – 100%
2007 – 100%
2008 – 99.37%
2009 – 99.43%
2010 – 99.6%
2011 – 100%
2012 – 100%

Committee hearings, constituent and legislative meetings are sometimes scheduled during the time the House chamber is scheduled to be in session—making it difficult for members to be present. In addition, members will often step off the House floor to have the opportunity to meet with constituents or community leaders to further discuss important issues facing their local area.

 Rep. Borders, while in the hospital under a doctor’s supervision, asked for release to be allowed to vote on important issues.  The doctor only relented when Rep. Borders agreed to return after finishing up his days’ work at the Statehouse.

“I was elected to do a job.  I show to work just like the hardworking people I represent in district 45, and I make sure I’m doing the job to the best of my ability,” said Rep. Borders. “I’m honored to serve my fellow Hoosiers, and the only way I can serve them well is to faithfully show up to work to make sure their views are being represented.”

When voting on the House floor, members will vote to adopt committee reports, amendments and other various motions.

Legislation addressed this past session included economic development, furthering job creation, protecting Hoosier taxpayers and expanding educational opportunities.

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