[r45] Hoosiers Rally for Liberty; House Speaker Denies Vote on SJR 1 (4/20/2009)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Start Date: 4/20/2009 All Day
End Date: 4/20/2009
On Wednesday of last week, thousands of worried Hoosiers met at the Indiana Statehouse to protest runaway government taxes and spending.  This was one of more than 600 tea party protests across America.

The protesters came to the Statehouse to bring back a spirit of liberty to our government and our society at a time when the federal government is taking over the auto industry, overtaxing and providing big bailouts to the financial industry. The scene was amazing and touching.

I think it was perfect timing on the part of these protesters, because while they where rallying outside the Statehouse, House Speaker Pat Bauer was doing everything he could to avoid a vote on the resolution for permanent property tax caps. This is a resolution that would let Hoosiers vote to keep money in the hands of Hoosier families.

The speaker wanted to adjourn for the day before the tea party started.  He said it was for security reasons, but the only one causing foks to feel insecure is him.  He's trying to take more money from Hoosier taxpayers, and he's denying voters the right to weigh in on Senate Joint Resolution 1, the resolution that caps our property taxes permanently.

Just before the rally began, I added my signature to a petition in support of SJR 1.  We hoped the speaker could be convinced to hear the resolution before we adjourned Wednesday, because it was the final deadline to hear Senate bills.

It was an exciting day.  The rally gave us all a sense of hope that if we all get involved, we can reigh in a runaway government.

The tea party sent a clear message to government: Keep your hands out of our pockets, and stop trying to control our lives! 

Our state and federal governments need to return to the philosophy of service to the citizens they represent.  Hoosiers and people all across the nation are fed up.  They are calling for less government intrusion in their lives, no more big government bailouts and greater respect for that document upon which our government was founded - the Constitution. 

People are angry at their government leaders, especially those leaders, such as the speaker, who choose to ignore the citizens who elect them.

For more information on the Constitution and the founding principles of these United States, visit http://www.founding.com/.