[r40] Rep. Steuerwald appointed to fifth committee (12/10/2013)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Start Date: 12/10/2013 Start Time: 12:00 AM
Rep. Steuerwald appointed to fifth committee

STATEHOUSE— House Republican Speaker Brian C. Bosma (R-Indianapolis) has announced committee members for the Indiana House Republican caucus.  State Representative Greg Steuerwald (R-Avon) has been re-appointed to four committees, including two chairmanships, in addition to serving as a member of Rules and Legislative Procedures. Rep. Steuerwald will also maintain his role of Assistant Majority Caucus Chair. 

The duties of Assistant Majority Caucus Chair include assisting in the management of personnel, operation and organization of the House Majority Caucus.
“I have enjoyed my responsibilities as Assistant Majority Caucus and chairing both the Judiciary and Statutory Committee on Ethics and look forward to my new role as a member of the Rules and Legislative Procedures committee,” said Rep. Steuerwald. “This session will be busy but invigorating, and I am greatly anticipating continuing my responsibilities.”

Rep. Steuerwald has been chosen as chairman of the Judiciary Committee as well as the Statutory Committee on Ethics. He will serve as a committee member on the Courts and Criminal Code Committee, Family, Children and Human Affairs Committee and Rules and Legislative Procedures Committee.

Standing committees are an integral part of the legislative process.  Committees with specific expertise receive public testimony and work out the details of proposed legislation before it is heard on the House floor.  

To view a list of the committee changes please visit: http://www.in.gov/legislative/house_republicans/pdfs/2013/COMMITTEE_ASSIGNMENTS_2014.pdf.


Rep. Steuerwald Committee Assignments 2014.docx