[r40] House Concurs on Rep. Steuerwald's Town Police Residency Bill (3/4/2008)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Start Date: 3/4/2008 All Day
End Date: 3/4/2008
(STATEHOUSE) March 4, 2008 - With the help of Rep. Greg Steuerwald (R-Hendricks County), town metropolitan police departments are one step closer to receiving more flexibility. House Bill 1114, which includes Rep. Steuerwald's town police officer residency amendment, was concurred on by the House and will now be sent to the governor. The bill was concurred on by a vote of 94-0.

Residency requirements for members of town metropolitan police departments are now the same as the residency requirements for city police departments, town marshal systems and city, town and township fire departments. A member appointed to a town metropolitan police department may reside either within the county in which the town is located or a contiguous county. It's possible that an officer's home in a contiguous county may actually be closer to where he works than that of a colleague who lives and works in the same county. Most importantly, the town will be allowed to limit, by ordinance, the use of patrol vehicles to within the town.

"I am pleased to see this legislation move forward to the governor for consideration," said Rep. Steuerwald. "With its passage, we can ensure only the most qualified individuals are being hired to protect our citizens."

Rep. Steuerwald authored House Bill 1142, which was later amended into House Bill 1114 by the Local Government Committee. If the bill is signed by the governor, it will become public law on July 1, 2008.