[r40] House Agenda bill heard in Judiciary Committee

Posted by: Lindsay Devlin  | Tuesday, February 10, 2015

STATEHOUSE — State Representative Greg Steuerwald (R-Avon) authored House Bill (HB) 1006, which would create a grant program for establishing and maintaining community corrections programs, working to reduce recidivism. The bill unanimously passed out of the Judiciary Committee and was referred to the Ways and Means Committee for further consideration and debate.

“HB 1006 is an integral part of the criminal code reform that the General Assembly has been working since 2009,” said Rep. Steuerwald.  “This measure will ensure that local community corrections programs are given the resources they need to develop additional options to incarceration.”

HB 1006 would create a $50 million grant program within the Indiana Judicial Center (IJC). The IJC would award grants to assist with the establishment and maintenance of community corrections programs, help communities develop and maintain alternatives to incarceration and to reduce recidivism.

“Our overall goal is to reduce recidivism and assist local governments provide alternatives to incarceration. I am confident that this legislation will do that,” said Rep. Steuerwald. “Currently, 91 percent of Class D felons are repeat offenders in Indiana, and this measure would give local correctional facilities resources to better address some of the mental health and addiction problems of those offenders.”

Visit www.iga.in.gov for more information about HB 1006.